Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts (2007)

by Talibam! & Friends

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Originally released on CD by Azul Discografica on July 10, 2007.
azd06 Talibam! : Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts (first press: 2007; second press: 2008)

"today we hear so many bands exploiting improv for merely teleological purposes, as a technique to supplement their folkish psych songs / but neither the improvisations nor the songs are ever too compelling / its like a spectacle freak show -- "look, mom, they're improvising" / they sound like they're improvising, but its an architectural/sculptural device, a tool supposedly promoting a diversity of sound and realism of chaos/unknown, but which, sadly, only functions to sway the listeners into some impression or belief of (the groups') versatility via some mapped-out poppy to-do / in Talibam! we pretty much agree rehearsals are for amateurs / when we play, we're eating a giant stew of sound soup and we want everyone to dig in and get full / we believe in value / there are too many preconceived, calculated and streamlined/duplicated processes in music / what's nihilistic to me is popular radio, whose destructive ideology/instruction has no dialogue or empathy with any disparate polemics whatsoever / if you think about it, Tony Oxley and Keith Moon were contemporaries, yet one was chosen and brought up in pop cultural stature because he played supposedly "easier " music / it's bullshit / it's time people decide for themselves what they want to hear instead of fascist record labels skewing things in one direction / people are tired of it / to not have your mind blown everyday is the greatest disservice of comfort, because to be influenced is to have learned / learn, learn, learn, grow, grow, grow... or stagnate?"

"The NYC group's first-ever studio record is the result of one non-stop, three-day session of furious improv. The duo of Matt Mottel (keys) and Kevin Shea (drums) recruited an ensemble that includes some of New York's most advanced improvisers: Ed Bear, Cooper-Moore, Moppa Elliott, Michael Evans, Peter Evans, Jon Irabagon, Sam Kulik, Robbie Lee, Anders Nilsson and Jeremy Wilms. They emerged from the studio with this luminous, unexpected masterpiece of cracked, American noise. The sonic malestrom they work up in the course of these eight songs and forty-five minutes highjacks the vocabularies of free-jazz, Appalachia, Afropop, psychedelia, electro-acoustic composition, and noise and spins them out in vivid constellations of sound. Its antecedents include Bat-Chain Puller, Astro-Black, Machine Gun, Rock In Opposition, Moon in June, Keith Moon, Ground Zero, Dancing in Your Head."


released July 10, 2007

Matt Mottel: synthesizer, banjo, voice
Kevin Shea: drums, voice
Ed Bear: bari/tenor sax & electronics (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
Cooper-Moore: diddley-bo (2, 4), mouth-bow (6), twanger (7)
Moppa Elliott: upright bass (4, 5, 6)
Michael Evans: wonder metal (5)
Peter Evans: trumpet, piccolo trumpet (1, 4, 5, 8)
Jon Irabagon: tenor sax (2, 5)
Sam Kulik: bass trombone (1, 4, 5, 8)
Robbie Lee: renaissance instruments (2, 5)
Anders Nilsson: guitar (1, 8)
Jeremy Wilms: piano (4)

Recorded by Mitch Rackin at Tone Float Recording
Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at The Thousand Caves

"Many thanks to Loy, Mitch, Colin; in addition, we are thrilled and grateful that some of our favorite musicians were able to donate their time and music to this album."


all rights reserved



Talibam! New York, New York

Dadaist provocateurs with an innate love for the history of music. Talibam! is Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea.

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Track Name: Rambo's Passeggiata
Is that a stain on your lace or is it poop on my face or is it Saddam in my bed or is it Gerald Ford of the dead tempt me shake me hold me roll-polly pull me roll down your scroll baby its time so please annul me. LADIES why don’t you give me your number so I can call you again in the morning. SUGARS I cleared my forest for your pasture because I know its exported beef that drives a hungry logger to laughter. HONIES i went to the gemological laboratory to heat up your ring from the coal in my stocking. SWEETHEARTS in the event that you're cold hungry and sleepy, reach into my rhinoceros and follow the footpath to love like a refuge.

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